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With forty acres of well established woodland we've got the perfect setting for loads of paintballing missions and scenarios that will test your skill and nerves to the limit.


With our exciting scenarios we're taking paintballing to a whole new level – each one has different mission objective so you'll need the best team behind you and work together to win the day.


kids paintballing
low impact paintball

The coolest birthday party around for 8 to 15 years old. At last, an extremely fun and safe version of paintball for 8 to 15 year olds. First players start by competing on a target range, who will score the highest? Then its off to the obstacle target course, who can complete the course in the fastest time? Finally to combat zone for real paintball game action.



Junior Paintball is available for 11-15 year olds allowing the younger players a fair challenge! Games are focussed more for the younger players and given them an opportunity to learn tactics and play as a team, whilst having bundles of fun. With exclusive session available, and an all inclusive package including chest and back protection for all the kids our junior paintballing sessions are unbeatable value.



Adult Paintball is available for players over 16 years old, our paintball games are diverse and full of adrenaline packed combat. With full and half day sessions available, you can choose exactly how much intense paintballing action you can handle! All the essential kit is included and Rambo sized quantities of paintballs can be purchased in advance or on the day to cover even the most faint-hearted players.



Choose how you play our paintball games – with your mates in a tactical squad or recklessly charging forward spraying paint everywhere (though you'll probably get splatted pretty fast!) You can even take it slow and fill the role of sniper, picking off stray enemies that are too careless with cover – our fantastic woodland set ups mean you can play paintball how you want and still be victorious.


We make sure that all our paintball games run smoothly and provide high quality safety gear and paintball weapons too. You'll be fully kitted out with a Proto Switch full face mask, DPM camouflage suit and Rhino battle pack, and of course one of our high spec Inferno MkII semi-automatic paintball guns – one of the most reliable and efficient guns available.


Paintball's most fun with friends so bring your mates, your sports club or your office group from work and find out what real team building feels like – when you've got someone shooting at you, you need to know you can rely on your teammates for backup.


So – start working on your tactics, mark it on the calendar and book your incredible paintballing day out at Zap Combat.